About Us

bespoke.keys is an online store that sells iconic enthusiast-grade products for custom mechanical keyboards from our location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Run by a small team operating in the Bay Area, bespoke.keys originated as a venture to bring a mecha-anime inspired color theme to mechanical keyboard switches.

We get our name from the idea that your own custom keyboard can be tailored to your exact tastes, in a bespoke fashion, even down to the color of your linear switches.

Now, bespoke.keys is expanding to bring new products to the scene while also offering high quality, trusted components to the community at a reasonable cost.

We are humbled to be accepted as we have been by the community and our customers, and are truly grateful to do business with you!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our store or the products we carry. We can be reached at:



bespoke.keys#2169 (Discord)