EV-01 Linear Switch R2 GB


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EV-01 Linear switches are back for Round 2! Designed by bespoke.keys, these Durock linears are the perfect compliment to your mecha-themed build.

Produced by Durock/JWK, utilizing their latest V2 molds. These are characteristically smooth linear switches!
Sold in Packs of 10.
  • Top Housing: PC
  • Stem: POM
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • 63.5g Gold Plated Spring
  • Polished internals, Latest V2 molds, unlubed from factory
Group Buy starts:  Monday, February 22nd 
Group Buy ends: Monday, March 22nd
MOQ=50,000pcs. This is an unlimited group buy.
Estimated Shipping: Q4 2021
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